A Good Time to Launch a Home-Based Business

Author: Larry Keene

I have been thinking that this is a great time to launch a home-based business. During the recession of the late 1970s and early 1980s that direct sales companies such as Amway and Mary Kay Cosmetics really grew. I came across an article today that confirmed my belief that this recession provides and opportunity to those of see it as such. The article quoted Kathi Calahan, who is a career coach in Prescott, Arizona. She writesm, ”This is not the time to panic. This is the time for strategic planning. Our economy has always turned itself around and you want to be ready when it does.”

The key to succeeding in a “down” time is to keep your spirits “up.” The best way to do that is to focus your positive feelings into a concrete business plansomething that will carry you through the difficult days. For someone like me, who isn’t sure yet which kind of business to start, Calahan offers this four-step exercise:

• Name your three best skills.
• Identify your three can’t-live-without values.
• List your three most passionate interests.
• Combine your list, find a career where these steps easily fit and build a business around it.

I took this advice to heart and drew up my answers to her key steps:

• Highly organized, eye for design, friendly.
• Honesty, helpfulness, follow-through.
• Interior design, fashion, jewelry.
• Interior designer, fashion consultant, jeweler.

The exercised confirmed my belief that I should concentrate on a home business linked to beautiful things and appearance.


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