It’s In the Numbers


By: The Educated EntrepreneurP

I had a conversation with a friend earlier today about her new network marketing business involving the sale of chocolate, and the funniest thing happened.  I asked her how much money she was to get paid for every sale she made, and she said “she didn’t care” because she will make money regardless.  Now, I write this because I am a very optimistic person and yet I am also a pragmattic who leans towards a business school of thought which condones one having a minimum understanding of the fundamentals of commerce.   What are these fundamentals?… Numbers. 

The numbers tell us if we are profitable, if we are having success, if we should continue on the same path, throw in the towel, try something new.  As entrepreneurs, business people, or just ordinary individuals looking to move in a certain direction in life, The NUMBERS are our guiding light.

Do you know your Numbers?  How much more money do you need to be determined in your own eyes as “successful?.  How much money are you actually being paid for your time and effort?  How many more sales calls do you need to make to reach you quota or goal?  How many years do you still need to work before you can retire? How many more ours of education do you need to be considered knowledgable? 

It is my belief that if we don’t have something to measure our exchanges of services & products, our successes, or our actions by, then it will be difficult to actually know which direction we are actually moving.   If you want to change your circumstances or move up in the business world,  be sure to have a way to calculate your direction.   It’s in the numbers.

Do You Know Your Numbers?


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