Man finds a gold mine in Bush Library Web site

RALEIGH — Two years ago, George Huger found a scrap of treasure in an Internet bargain bin — a lucky turn that just won him $35,000 from President Bush’s sheepish advisers.

A Raleigh Web developer, Huger was flipping through a list of expiring domain names when he noticed that was about to expire. He picked up the rights for five bucks and sat on them for two years, waiting to cash in.

“It was a wonderful turn of events,” said Huger, 26, whose company is called Illuminati Karate. “We just bumped into it accidentally.”


The equivalent of online real estate, they can fetch thousands if someone finds them indispensable. Huger paid $7 to register with and $5 to buy the domain. His profit: $34,988.

“We had several offers, some more serious than others,” he said, “but we didn’t expect to sell it until about now.”

Bush’s library and museum will be in Dallas. The Bush Library Foundation explained Monday that its Web site care fell to Yuma Solutions, a Florida contractor with Republican connections.

Yuma’s Web site lists John McCain’s presidential committee and the Republican Party of Florida as clients, and elections records show owner Mark Mills contributed $500 to Katherine Harris’ 2004 campaign for U.S. Senate.

Mills did not immediately return calls, but Huger said Yuma paid the $35,000.

Huger isn’t hunting for a fresh presidential domain, however. is already taken

Hundreds of domain names get auctioned daily. Check and you’ll discover a trove of  site names about to lapse.



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