Medical Transcription From Home – How and Where Can I Get a Medical Transcription Job at Home?

By noahw731969

A lot of people are out of work these days, and many more are worried about their jobs and possibly getting laid off. Doing medical transcription at home has become one of the most popular work-at-home jobs, and a lot of people are searching for information on how to get started. One good thing about such a job is that no matter what the economy looks like, there will always be work because people are always going to the doctor.

First let me dispel the myth that you must have a college degree for this job, and then the second myth that you don’t need any kind of training whatsoever and all you need to do is be able to type fast. Both are wrong assumptions.

I have a worked as a transcriptionist for many years and I got my job without any kind of formal degree. However, you do need to have some form of training, but you can get that online or, if you wish, through a community college. To save time and gas (and therefore money), the online courses have become very popular.

Once you are ready to start looking for a job, let me tell you they are out there and very plentiful. There are transcription services you can work for where they will send you work, or you can contract with a hospital or doctor’s office to do their work for them. You’ll most likely be paid by the line, meaning for every line you type (usually 65 characters including spaces) you will be paid a certain amount. The amounts vary, and depending on how much you want to work you can make a very good salary working from home. You can do this part time or full time, and the schedules are very flexible.

Another option is to set up your own business at home. You may even find yourself with so much work you have to hire a few other people to help you transcribe. Remember, doctors and hospitals march on even in the worst of economies, so there will not be any lack of work for you.


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