Tips to Increase Your AdSense Earnings

When people want to make money from there blog , one of the most popular ways they go about it by adding AdSense to there blog. It is understandable since you only need to have a java script enabled blog and you are sure to get some advertisements. What most bloggers don’t realize is that if your blog is not optimized for search engines you will get crappy low paying ads. This is especially true in the “make money online” type of blogs. Below are few points that will help you increase your AdSense earnings.

1 Optimize your blog title – Your blog title is the first thing that is visible to search engines and the AdSense bot, so it is very important you mention what your blog is about in the blog title. This is especially important for blogs that have a irrelevant domain name. (eg – ,, although these blogs are about making money online there domain name don’t have any keywords related to making money online so changing the blog title to something like make money blogging is a good way to get targeted ads. This method has SEO benefits as well.

2 Optimize your post titles and post content – To earn money with AdSense you need ads that are targeted for your audience. If your blog is about Forex trading and you are getting AdSense ads about blogging then you need to realize that you are not getting the targeted ads. Make sure to add your keywords to the post titles and to make them bold and a bit repetitive in your post content. This might effect the quality a bit, but you are looking to make money right?

3 Work on getting more search engine traffic – This has two benefits, first you are getting the kind of visitors that are most likely to click on your ad and secondly since search engine traffic is targeted you are going to get more targeted ads.


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