Search Engine Optimization 2009

 Author: sagargurjar

At present, riding through the difficult economic conditions, and online marketing and SEO companies must prove their worth and value in the year 2009.

So what we see in 2009 the SEO, and in the eyes of many, search engine optimization is already dead, and was replaced by online marketing. The same right? Well, yes and no. Optimizing your search engines can be said to be part of online marketing.

The 2009 is forcasted search becomes more individualized. We have already seen that taking advantage of Google’s new personalized search results in the tool – the Wiki Google – at the end of 2008.

2009 should focus on five metric Search:

1. Non-Branded Search Engine (Organic) visits – which is a result of the search and clicks from organic search results. Certainly, this is an SEO, which is known on Thursday – their positions, that people can find it.

2. Bounce rate – the extent that we all love. Reduce the rebound would have a huge impact in 2009. Make the content more attractive and to enable them to quickly find.

3. During the site – are closely linked to the rejection rate is the time spent on your site. This can help you find what works for your site and what does not.

4. Subscribers to your content – personalization is increasingly popular in the average search. Thus, the results in this sense, irrelevant. However, an area that should be followed, as the search and personalization has been more active in the joint monitoring of the users subscribing to its content. For example, an RSS feed for subscribers to your blog (s), the number of fans that you have the chirp, the number of people you have registered for its own YouTube channel. These social subscribers can provide only limited information on how people engage in their own brand and online Web properties.

5. Search – the way users, and your site search function. In addition, Google said that an internal investigation of the site is a popular activity on the ground, when users on your site. This commitment to the metric system more information on what keywords and topics that people have begun to look for when they arrive on your site. The fact that they use the internal search on your site can also be a sign that it was found that the information they need when you arrive at your site. In 2009, as the search parameters for the site becomes increasingly important for understanding the search habits of visitors to your site. He is looking for the city? SEARCH possibly video. In any case, to the extent that aims to become even more important in 2009.


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