Top Mistakes In Affiliate Marketing

by sortech

If you are just starting out in the affiliate marketing business and want to spell success for the long-term there are a few things to remember. You should always avoid the common blunders most people make. Here we list some of the biggest mistakes people make in affiliate marketing, so you can avoid them and shorten your road to financial success immediately!

1. Insufficient product knowledge
This is one of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes. Not knowing about the products you are promoting can make you lose out on credibility and trust from the customer. Always read up, ask for more product information from the merchant before signing up to promote that product. Get to know the merchant, find out if he/she is a reliable person to do business with.

2. Not having your own site
In order for you to have an identity as an affiliate marketer you should have your own website. You do not need to have an elaborate site. Just a basic 5 page site is more than enough. This will help capitalize on your own customer base or mailing list. It also helps you promote products to them repeatedly once they have signed up. Provide information about a special niche you are promoting for interested people: write articles, discussion topics, make your website a live area for people to meet and discuss a special topic.

3. Not making customer stay on your site
Many affiliate marketers make the mistake of directly leading the customer on to the merchant’s site via direct affiliate link. This is a big no-no. After all the effort that you have put in to getting hold of a customer you should make them stick on your site for sometime. Customers can easily leave the site within a few seconds so this is your chance to engage them. Most affiliate marketers do not create their own landing pages and that’s not the right way to do business. When you create your own landing pages and directing the potential customers right into them, you have an ability to capture their e-mail addresses and build your own mailing list, moreover you are also able to present the promoted product even better than a real merchant itself, so this way you can easily increase the promoted product’s conversions.

4. Taking on too many affiliate programs
At first, you maybe tempted to start earning more and signup for way too many affiliate marketing programs. This is a big mistake. Make sure to stick to 3-4 good quality programs with good products to offer. Always know enough about the product/products before promoting them and you will not go wrong. Concentrate on a 3-4 good ones instead of hundreds and you will definitely make much more money in the long term.

5. Not making use of cloaking tricks
Customers today are clever enough to see through an affiliate marketing link. If they even remotely suspect you are trying to sell them something they will quickly close the site. Therefore make use of link cloaking strategies to ensure your customer cannot suspect you are directing them to the merchant site. Anyway, make sure you use all the safe cloaking methods because bad cloakings could hurt your affiliate commissions.

6. Do not select affiliate programs with high payment threshold
Many merchant programs will have a high threshold which means that until you earn at least a certain amount of money, you cannot receive your payment. While the percentage is usually high in these, you may have to wait long to get there. This can stop you from success. Always pick the medium affiliate programs which offer decent commissions and do not have a high threshold or even better – who have no payment thresholds at all, when you are starting out.

7. Always have an interest in a product yourself
Choosing products that you are not personally interested in can lead to disaster. You need to feel strongly about the products you promote. Only then can you sell them well.

8. Not building a mailing list
You need to have signup forms on your promoted product’s landing pages and ways to build on your personal mailing list. This helps you build your potential customer’s list and you can then continue promoting products to them in future as well.


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