Author: alikzandruh

Focus on Web Design

Digg.com is a user-rated news website that displays articles, videos, and images that are popular by rank. Their system of ranking used is “digging”. When a user stumbles upon something they like, all they have to do is click on a button and it links that article to their profile to later be viewed as well as giving the article’s stats a boost. The intended audience could be any person on the internet who feels that they’ve just run out of things to view. Digg gives the user a plethora of random topics as well as what is currently going on in the world.

Digg effectively reaches its users because it is user-ranked, and popularity lets you filter out items that wouldn’t neccessarily appease you. In my instance, I don’t typically check up on the news whether it be via television or internet, but if something really important is happening in the world, Digg lets me know it. Not only that, but it aslo allows me to tastefully waste my time whilst occaisionally educating myself on random topics that will probably never serve a purpose.

While the homepage may seem plain and straight-forward, it has more of a clean look with depth. While it still appears that there is a white background, but it is just white background on the body while the page background is a light blue. There are three sections to the navigation bar. The top section with the plain white text logo is in a navy blue, beneath it is olive green, and beneath that is a subtler light green. All of the “Digg” buttons are a soft yellow with a cascading gradient. The fonts against each color of the navigation bars correspond to a different hue of the same color. I think that the website’s design gives it a nice clean look of organization without being too drab and overwhelming. It gives the organization of a news website without the monotony of trying to read a single-spaced term paper.


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