What’s next for remodeling contractors?

Author: mycontractorlist


Kitchen and baths sell homes, but now that nobody is buying, what now?

Kitchens and baths for the past few years have been the big focus because everyone has been looking for the big sale. Now that the big sale is in the past for a little while for most Americans, it is my opinion that remodeling contractors need to focus on that, remodeling.


Most homeowners are going to go back to viewing their house as a home again instead of a fast cash investment. So be prepared for some very personal touches on the home remodeling front. Contractors get educated on the latest and greatest products on the market right now. Homeowners are going to be looking for a better quality product. What I mean by that is for a while there some homeowners didn’t care about quality of product, just price. Now that we are in these economic times homeowners are going to “dig-in” and stay in their homes longer, as a result they will be requesting a better product for a great price so contractors, get to know your product quality, cost, warranty. Homeowners will want to feel at home again, knowing they are going to be their for a while, they will want the best.


Instead of your sale pitch being about price, and how fast you can complete the project, your sales pitch will need to include price, product quality, warranty, references, how the economy being slower gives your company the ability for even better quality control, and if your willing to work in stages or phases for small projects. For volume or steady work you may have to do smaller projects and be willing to work based on homeowners budget abilities. In short, you will need to be more flexible that before, I’m not saying work for nothing just be more flexible in your willingness to work with them.

One call does it all, these companies may-be a thing of the past for a while, especially in home remodeling. With the slowing economy and homeowners being more cautious about how they spend their money. Most homeowners, will take the time to get quotes from every trade they know they need as a result, little need for a company that has all of the connections and homeowners don’t want to pay for those connections in these economic times.

A few reasons why, in the past homeowners would make various calls for different trades and not get a return phone call but now they know chances are good their calls will be returned.

In the past some contractors if they returned the calls, would come look what needs to be done and never return an estimate but now they know chance are good they will.

In the past time was an issues, but now people will wait for the right price.

In the past homeowners where willing to pay even on small projects a contact fee, percentage fee, or additional fees to a contractor, who could actually get the other trades on site but now why pay the fees when they can get the trades on site themselves.


Who will be in demand?

Painters, drywall repair, flooring, custom trim/moldings, window treatments, windows & doors, handyman services, anyone/company who has the ability to help make a house into a home and yes kitchen & bath remodeling companies will be in big demand again real soon, so get ready.


One response to “What’s next for remodeling contractors?

  1. bradtroyphotography

    This seems like a fairly reasonable assessment of what may take place. The real estate market has obviously slowed down and this may be one way that people respond.

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