The Promises of Internet Marketing

Author: Jim Whimpey

You can’t go too far on the Internet today without seeing something that tells you about the huge sums of money you can make being an Internet Marketer. A business that you set up for almost No Money and let it run on auto-pilot while you spend all your time cashing checks and taking vacations.

Sounds great, right. You would think that everybody would be doing Internet and Affiliate Marketing.  What I have found out is that very few people actually succeed at Internet Marketing. Many people try it and then quit. They find out that it is actually work. Not that it is hard work, but it is still work. When these people find out that it takes more than cashing checks and taking vacations they change their minds.

There are many facets of successful Internet Marketing. You have to  build websites or blogs,  provide fresh and useful content for your visitors, update your website or blog regularly, promote your site, and make you site beneficial to a visitor. It is an on going and continuous effort. Internet Marketing is a business and needs to be approached that way. Most people do not treat it as a business, but rather a hobby. When treated as a business and conducted in such a way, a good living can be had with Internet Marketing. Do you have what it takes to make that commitment?


One response to “The Promises of Internet Marketing

  1. Internet Marketing is fast becoming a way to reach out to the masses that depend upon the Internet for information, a way to make money, or just to communicate around the globe. Some major businesses started as a hobby in someone’s garage or online, such as blogging for fun. Then, somewhere along the line, that hobby clicked for others. That information became very useful; that product found a niche in the market, and the rest is history. The hard work that’s required to make a business successful is now a piece of cake for the hobbiest . They are getting paid for it and having fun in the process.

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