A Lonely Computer

Author: Earlene Simmons

Once upon a time a lonely computer sit on a desk near a window in a remote guard tower of a cold, damp castle.  It had been assigned the task of Night-Watchman-Of-The-Mote.  This mote was filled with hungry alligators so nothing ventured into the water that wasn’t eaten.  That left the lonely Night-Watchman-Of-The-Mote computer collecting mold and fungus on its once shiny new state-of-art electronic components and fancy colored wires. Then, one day three deer hunters came into the castle seeking shelter from a downpour. They were shivering from the cold. (Guess you are wondering how they got across the mote.  They had the remote control for the drawbridge.) They started searching the cold, damp castle for anything they could use to build a fire.  Their search led them to the guard tower.  There, sitting on a desk near a window overlooking the mote, was a computer.  They needed the wooden desk to build their fire.  While they were moving the Night-Watchman-Of-The-Mote computer to the floor they all realized at the same time that this was the long-lost computer of the Rich-Lady-Down-The-Road.  She had used this very computer to find grand ways with which she made her fortune over the Internet.  She had loaned it to her cousin to use to get rich but that cousin didn’t use it at all and sold it in a garage sale.   And so, that’s how the computer ended up as the Night-Watchman-Of-The-Mote, was rescued by three deer hunter,  returned to its owner who gave it to the deer hunters to make their fortune.   






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