Creating a blog and make money!

By wahp

The New Year is here and one of your goals is to make some money working from home right? Why not start a blog?! Yes, a blog is an excellent way to generate cash on a regular basis. So you are asking, OK, what is a blog and how do I start one?

Great question! A blog is simply a web log on a topic of your choice. There are many free websites that will allow you to create a blog in a matter of minutes. These sites include,, and MANY others. Some sites charge a monthly fee, many do not. You can even register a domain name to use for your blog!

The next step in starting your blog is to decide on a topic that you are passionate about! Writing about something that you enjoy and you think others will enjoy reading are two of the main hurdles of starting a blog. Do you love to cook? Why not start a blog about cooking? Make your blog something that readers can learn something by. For example, a cooking blog can include recipes and tips on how to cook meals ahead of time and freeze. Many busy people, including busy moms can benefit from such information.

OK, I know you are waiting patiently to find out how I can make money with my blog. The keyword is “Affiliate Marketing”. There are many products and services on the web that you can promote on your blog. Some sample sites to join that will allow you to choose items to promote are,, Commission Junction – Simply find the programs that you would like to promote, sign up with the advertiser, and download a snippet of html code to paste into your blog template.

Another great source of income is incorporating Google Adsense into your blogs. By incorporating Google Adsense into your blog, users can click on ads related to the content of your blog and you earn a commission per each click of the ads. This can lead to several hundred dollars a month if you are active in publishing your blogs. You can also paste your Adsense code into multiple blogs on different sites to increase your ad revenue.

There a ton of sites that pay bloggers to make money. Be sure and come back and check out the sites that I link to that pay bloggers to write!


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