Shortcuts to Millions – Fact or Scam? – Useful Information

I would like to share this very informative article about article marketers and affiliate marketing. It’s written by G. Hosford of Did You Know?

The key to improving search engine results is to develop quality links to your website. There are a variety of techniques you can use to get others linking to you. One of the most popular and effective methods is through article marketing. Such as Shortcuts to Millions

The concept of article marketing is to take authored content that you create and distribute it to websites in need of content. When you distribute your article, you include links back to your website (usually in the About the Author section). These links help to improve your website’s link popularity and therefore search engine results.

Article marketing is most effective when you can create articles that are of value to a wide audience or targeted niche market. Keep these guidelines in mind when article marketing:

1. Use original article content. There are a variety of ways to write articles. I find the best way to generate articles that improve search engine results is to make sure its an original. There are many websites that offer PLR articles (private label rights), article wizards, and so on. Regardless of how you produce your article, make sure it is one-of-a-kind.

2. Make your articles available on your own website. As a starting point, each time you create original content, post it on you website. Google looks for and diminishes the search results of duplicate content. Therefore, it’s important that you stake a claim for your content by promoting it on your website before any distribution effort.

3. Embed your keywords and keyword phrases. When writing your articles, be sure to include your keywords and keyword phrases throughout your document. Using the proper keywords is essential for website indexing and search engine optimization.

4. Write articles with a minimum of 600 words. A number of websites that accept and distribute articles will only do so if you meet article requirements such as minimum length. Many of these websites process a large number of articles and attempt to reduce spam with a minimum word count requirement of 600 words or more.

5. Use article distribution sites. By submitting your article to the largest article distribution sites you improve the likelihood of your article being repurposed by third party websites. Sites like and are popular resources for webmasters seeking quality content. If webmasters find the information in your article valuable, they’ll repurpose it on their own website. This viral effect can provide significant traffic to your article(s).

6. Include an About the Author section. At the conclusion of your article, be sure to include an About the Author section. This is one of the most important things you can do to build back links to your site. When other websites publish your content they are required to include this section. Make sure that multiple links to your site are present in order to build link popularity and improve your search engine result placements.

7. Be persistent. The benefits of article marketing are seen over time. As a rule of thumb, you should begin any article marketing campaign with a commitment to produce and disseminate a minimum of 10 articles. This gives you a good footprint in your area of expertise and builds a number of backlinks to your website.

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or are an experienced article marketer, each article you produce and distribute provides value to your website when executed correctly. Write valuable content, include an about the author section, and use article distribution websites. You’ll quickly discover that article marketing is a great way to promote a product, website or service!

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Salvation Army James D. Amos Shelter Officially Opened

“Finally, Clarksville, Tenn,   has a new shelter. It’s a blessing to the community, and there is indeed a need for this,” said Advisory Board Chairman  Jill Crow in opening the dedication ceremony. “Because of all of you, dreams do come true.”

Kentucky/Tennessee Division Commander John Needham, standing in sunny but near-freezing, windy air, said it “fitting that we stand here in the cold to dedicate a place of respite for the weary and the homeless.”

Clarksville Mayor John E. Piper and Montgomery County Mayor Carolyn Bowers  each spoke briefly, mentioning that both city and county each contributed $100,000 toward the cost of the shelter.

The homeless shelter is “Phase 1″ of the Salvation Army’s plan for the Kraft Street campus. Phase 2 will be the construction of a combined chapel, office and classrooms on the lot immediately fronting the shelter, a space currently topped with fresh sod to create a spacious lawn.

Inside, guests were shown well lit rooms that will accommodate up to 24 men, 18 women, and four families of up to five members each. In each of these rooms, colorful patchwork quilts covered the beds; each of 55 quilts were made by Jo Cameron, who according to reports, stitched “a quilt a day.”  One of the quilts in the men’s  hall was a beautifully blended array of creme, brown and gold, with one of the chosen fabrics a subtle print of angels, apropos for the guardianship the shelter will afford its needy occupants.

In the dining area, visitors could view photos and a slide presentation documenting shelter construction.

Creating a blog and make money!

By wahp

The New Year is here and one of your goals is to make some money working from home right? Why not start a blog?! Yes, a blog is an excellent way to generate cash on a regular basis. So you are asking, OK, what is a blog and how do I start one?

Great question! A blog is simply a web log on a topic of your choice. There are many free websites that will allow you to create a blog in a matter of minutes. These sites include,, and MANY others. Some sites charge a monthly fee, many do not. You can even register a domain name to use for your blog!

The next step in starting your blog is to decide on a topic that you are passionate about! Writing about something that you enjoy and you think others will enjoy reading are two of the main hurdles of starting a blog. Do you love to cook? Why not start a blog about cooking? Make your blog something that readers can learn something by. For example, a cooking blog can include recipes and tips on how to cook meals ahead of time and freeze. Many busy people, including busy moms can benefit from such information.

OK, I know you are waiting patiently to find out how I can make money with my blog. The keyword is “Affiliate Marketing”. There are many products and services on the web that you can promote on your blog. Some sample sites to join that will allow you to choose items to promote are,, Commission Junction – Simply find the programs that you would like to promote, sign up with the advertiser, and download a snippet of html code to paste into your blog template.

Another great source of income is incorporating Google Adsense into your blogs. By incorporating Google Adsense into your blog, users can click on ads related to the content of your blog and you earn a commission per each click of the ads. This can lead to several hundred dollars a month if you are active in publishing your blogs. You can also paste your Adsense code into multiple blogs on different sites to increase your ad revenue.

There a ton of sites that pay bloggers to make money. Be sure and come back and check out the sites that I link to that pay bloggers to write!

5 Ways to cash in with your blog


Blogging is all the rage these days for many different reasons. For one thing, it’s a lot of fun to be able to express your opinions about something or share information with people all over the world. You also have to remember that the people who visit your blog are often ready and willing to spend money! Use these 5 ways to cash in with your blog to add some padding to your wallet. Cash Tip #1: Put Your Ads Where People Can See Them Bloggers often make the mistake of slipping a tiny affiliate link in somewhere on the blog. These will rarely get found and clicked on! Now, you don’t want to be annoying with your ads, but if you have found something that is relevant there is no reason not to display it proudly so your visitors see it and click on it. It’s hard to make money if no one knows you are selling something. Cash Tip #2: Build a List It’s a great thing to have visitors to your blog, but it’s even better to keep them coming back for more. You should focus on building a list of people who are interested in your niche topic. That way you can tell them when you create new blog posts, as well as let them know about special offers you think would be of interest. Cash Tip #3: Sell Advertising There are many people out there who are pushing the same affiliate products and promotions. The returns can often be low as well, depending on which niche you’re in and what products you’re affiliated with. Once you get to a relatively high level of traffic it’s a great idea to sell advertising spots. Companies are ready and willing to spend money on this form of advertisement, and you can often make more with these direct deals than you can by going through an affiliate organization that takes a cut. Cash Tip #4: Create a Product After you’ve had your blog running for a while you’ll hopefully have developed a loyal following. People see you as an expert in your niche and they want to hear more of what you have to say. A great way to cash in on this is to create your own ebook, videos, audio, or a combination. This is easier to do than you think, and you can have a great, passive income once the product creation phase is over. Cash Tip #5: Split Test You might have heard about split testing as a great way to figure out the best format for sales letters, but did you know that you could split test ads on your blogs? There are plugins and software packages out there that can present one ad to one group and another ad to another group. That way you can cash in even better by knowing exactly what it is that your target audience responds to best. There you have it! These are five tips you can put to use today to start seeing a return in profits on your blog tomorrow. There is nothing better than knowing that people out there are not only reading your content, but adding to your income as well.

A Lonely Computer

Author: Earlene Simmons

Once upon a time a lonely computer sit on a desk near a window in a remote guard tower of a cold, damp castle.  It had been assigned the task of Night-Watchman-Of-The-Mote.  This mote was filled with hungry alligators so nothing ventured into the water that wasn’t eaten.  That left the lonely Night-Watchman-Of-The-Mote computer collecting mold and fungus on its once shiny new state-of-art electronic components and fancy colored wires. Then, one day three deer hunters came into the castle seeking shelter from a downpour. They were shivering from the cold. (Guess you are wondering how they got across the mote.  They had the remote control for the drawbridge.) They started searching the cold, damp castle for anything they could use to build a fire.  Their search led them to the guard tower.  There, sitting on a desk near a window overlooking the mote, was a computer.  They needed the wooden desk to build their fire.  While they were moving the Night-Watchman-Of-The-Mote computer to the floor they all realized at the same time that this was the long-lost computer of the Rich-Lady-Down-The-Road.  She had used this very computer to find grand ways with which she made her fortune over the Internet.  She had loaned it to her cousin to use to get rich but that cousin didn’t use it at all and sold it in a garage sale.   And so, that’s how the computer ended up as the Night-Watchman-Of-The-Mote, was rescued by three deer hunter,  returned to its owner who gave it to the deer hunters to make their fortune.   





Microsoft Offers Free Tech Training to Millions

By Jennifer Bosavage
A new training effort spearheaded by Microsoft will offer free tech training to millions. Elevate America, the initiative launched by Microsoft Sunday, aims to give 2 million people during the next two years tech training both online and at regional telecenters.The online resource is focused on helping users figure out what types of technical skills are required for IT jobs, and provides resources to help acquire these skills. The Web site offers access to several Microsoft online training programs, from very basic (e.g., “How to use the Internet”) to much more advanced (e.g., “Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional”).

To provide a variety of training, Microsoft will partner with state and local governments. Florida, New York and Washington will be the first states to offer Elevate America courses.

Some 3.6 million jobs have been lost since the recession began in December 2007 with about half of the decline occurring in the past three months, according to recent Labor Department data. (Read about January IT layoffs.)

“Millions of Americans don’t have the technology skills needed in today’s economy. Through Elevate America, we want to help workers get the skills they need to succeed,” Pamela Passman, corporate vice president of Microsoft Global Corporate Affairs, said. “We are also providing a full range of workforce development resources for state and local governments so they can offer specialized training for their workers.”

Oil Rig Hotels

Author: A.Beezy

Morris Architects have proposed to turn 4000 oil rigs in the the Gulf of Mexico into luxury hotels. The proposal comes with the decomissioning of several oil rigs over the next century. The current method of oil rig removal is explsosion which cost millions and destroys large amounts of aquatic life, if the rigs were recomissioned there could be potentially 80 million square feet of devolping space off the coast of the US. Bldg Blog